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The Mountain Monthly is the newspaper for Cloudcroft and the surrounding area. Visitors use our paper as a guide to the area, while locals and part-time residents subscribe to keep up with local news, and to see if their picture is in the paper!

     This precipitation chart was compiled from weather records kept here at the Mountain Monthly for the last 13 years. We all know that weÕre in a drought, and that nobody can predict the end to this crisis. Water, or the lack thereof, will someday make ghost towns out of formerly large, productive cities. Citizens and public officials need to take heed now and take realistic measures to conserve before itÕs too late, and sadly for many, it already is too late.
    Take a good look at this chart, it tells a grim story. If we gave you a lot of statistics, it would just muddle your mind. This chart gives you a clear visual image of our continuing crisis. Most experts say that we would need at least five years of above average precipitation in a row to end the drought. It could be a long time before that happens, maybe longer than most of us have, so letÕs all conserve wherever possible.

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Apache Point Observatory
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KEPZ - El Paso

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